On April 6, 1876 J.W.R. Moore sold Susan R. Cox this lot in the town of Mt. Jackson. The following year this two story, Victorian era house was built here. It has an elaborate middle pediment, steep pitched roof, and side gable. The house also sported a full length porch until 1974 when it was removed during a renovation.

In the early 20th century the house was owned by Ann E. Stribling who was a part owner in some springs at Orkney Springs Virginia. Later it was acquired by Dr. Cecil Hupp who was a local physician from then until 1964. He used the first floor of the home as his office and rented the second floor.

In 1973 Jim and Donna Wolfe purchased the house and conducted a massive renovation project. This included the addition of a large sun room on the rear of the house which interrupted the plague of skunks that had plagued owners throughout the 20th century.