Around 1880, John P. Lonas of Mt. Jackson built this 2 story, l-shaped, Queen Anne style house near the south end of town. Lonas was a mercantile dealer and the success of his business is reflected in the size and design of his home. Eventually the site became known as “Twin Trees” due to the existence of two large buckeye trees in the front yard. For years it was a showplace as the town, and Lonas, attempted to highlight their prosperity.

During the 1920s and 1930s Emery Z. Dingledine, a member of another notable family in the area, operated a Bed and Breakfast in the house. The economic conditions caused by the Great Depression and the preceding fall in agriculture prices had affected the ability of many individuals in the area to maintain such a large structure solely as a residence.

Today, the building is once again a private home.