Dry Run Christian Church

Dry Run Christian Church was born around 1841, when a small congregation began meeting at the Union Church at Dry Run in Fort Valley. In 1879 this congregation joined the American Christian Church which followed the tenants that Christ was the head of the church, no human authority can dictate how the bible is used, that each believer is free to make their own judgments about interpreting scripture, and that the true measure of a Christian was their character and piety. The semi-independent nature of this covenant would have been attractive to local residents who were determined to follow their own beliefs, not ones determined by outside organizations.

The congregation continued to worship at the Union Church until 11921. Services were conducted by ministers from outside the area, so the church’s core was maintained by lay members. In 1899 a spilt occurred over whether the church should remain more conservative or progressive. This schism ended in 1908 when the groups remerged.

In October 1921, the congregation was able to dedicate its own church. As a result, membership grew drastically. This group voted to join the United Church of Christ in 1957 when the old Christian Church and the Evangelical and Reformed Churches agreed to merge. However they withdrew from this national denomination in the 1990s. This decision, taken while the church was under the leadership of the Rev. Alfred Lawrence, reflected the congregations decision to follow an independent pathway that differed from the U.C.C. church. Today, they remain the independent, Dry Run Christian Church and highlight their rural roots and family atmosphere.