Faith Lutheran Church

In 1965 the Lutheran Congregations of St. Davids and Mt. Zion Churches agreed to end the 75 year old dispute that had separated them. This effort was a result of several decades of improved relations that had led to joint Sunday Schools and Youth Programs. At a joint meeting, the two churches approved a merger. The churches agreed to name their new congregation Faith Lutheran.

This congregation continued to use the old Mt. Zion building until 1974 when a new church was built. C.E. Thompsons out of Edinburg served as the general contractor while several church members provided labor and materials.

In 1993 the church became home to the Faith Lutheran Preschool which is one of only a few such institutions to serve the people of Fort Valley. A new addition consisting of a preschool building, parish hall, and kitchen was added in 2000 to meet the needs of this organization and the church. This structure also serves as the Fort Valley Senior Center which serves the area’s growing population of retirees.