Reformation Lutheran Church

In 1793 the Davidsburg Church, a Union Church consisting of Lutheran and Reformed congregations, built a log church on this site. It is currently marked by four stone markers engraved with the letter “D.”

The Union Church continued to operate until 1848 when the Lutheran Church, by then called St. Matthew’s, finished its own brick building on this site. It was replaced by a new church building; complete with pump organ and more elaborate stain glass windows, in 1889.

In 1932 the two Lutheran Churches in New Market, Emmanuel and St. Matthews, merged after years of competing ideology and theology. The congregation met alternatively at St. Matthews and Emmanuel but they were determined to build a new, enlarged church building.

That goal was achieved in 1955 when the first service was held at the new Reformation Lutheran Church as it was called. This structure featured a Moller pipe organ, bas-relief sculpture of Jesus, and seating for 350 people. In 1993 an educational wing was added and a preschool was founded in the church three years later.

In front of the building stands the "shell struck post." This landmark was standing during the Battle of New Market and was struck by an artillery shell from Snow's Battery. A piece of the shell is still lodged within the post.