Trinity Brethren Church

In 2008 a second building, Trinity Brethren Church, became part of the Fort Valley Museum. The trustees of that congregation were no longer able to support the building due to a decline in membership and transferred ownership top the museum to ensure its history was preserved.

This church had originally been founded in the brick church in the 1830s and followed the German Baptist Brethren Doctrine, which is often referred to as the Dunkards. In 1871 they built their first church building, called Oak Hill Brethren Meeting House.

However, the church soon divided as members debated in the 1870s and 1880s whether the congregation should follow more progressive or conservative trends. In 1883 the progressive Brethren left Oak Hill to form their own congregation. They eventually built Trinity Brethren Church in 1904. At the time they had over 100 members. By the time it closed in 2008, it had fewer than 20 and was affiliated with the Conservative Grace Brethren Churches International.