Triplett and Vehrencamp

Throughout the 20th century, one of Mt. Jackson’s most prominent commercial establishments was Triplett and Vehrencamp, a farm supply and hardware business. Located on Main Street, near the current town hall, this organization occupied a sprawling warehouse complex.

This business had originally been founded by Dr. J.I. Triplett, a prominent local businessman, who was also responsible for founding Mt. Jackson National Bank and for operating the Mt. Jackson Mill. He had purchased a series of grain elevators on the site from S.P. Lonas in 1915 and expanded the business to include hardware and farm equipment. Later it became known as Triplett and Coffman, and finally as Triplett and Vehrencamp. The firm dealt in general merchandise, housewares, hardware, building materials, gasoline, and Goodyear Tires.

In 1930 Triplett died and the business was purchased by the Vehrencamp family who had already been partners in the store. Twenty-five years later they moved the business to the Rinker Brother’s Filling Station, originally the Mt. Jackson Graded and High School on the north end of town. At the same time, they began selling John Deere Tractors. They ceased their heavy machinery business in 1965 but continued to serve as the community’s central repair center and sell appliances, mowers, hardware, and farm supplies until the late 20th century.