Edinburg Fire Company

In 1929 the Edinburg Fire Company was formed to provide fire protection to the citizens of Edinburg and the surrounding communities.
This was not the first time Edinburg had fire protection. Much earlier the town had operated both a ladder wagon and hose carts. However, this was the first independent volunteer fire company in the town and is the same organization that continues to protect residents.
Their first piece of apparatus was a retooled 1929 Packard touring car which was stored in the original town hall.

Firefighters were alerted by the ringing of a fire bell that in 1939 was replaced by a siren.

In the 1950s the company purchased this building and converted it from a garage to a fire station. A dance hall/social room occupied the second floor.

The firemen would remain in this location until 1977 when they constructed a new building on Stoney Creek Boulevard. From here the volunteers of this organization still provide high quality fire protection to the citizens of the community.

Today this building is home to the Bean’s Barbeque catering and restaurant business.