Strasburg Methodist Church

In 1806 the Bishop Asbury, a noted Methodist circuit rider, preached his first sermon in Strasburg. He and other traveling ministers would visit the town numerous times over the next several decades until the number of Methodist congregants was large enough for them to form an independent congregation.

The records of the Strasburg Methodist Church indicate that congregation’s first church was constructed in 1876 on the site of the existing church. Their first full time minister, Lafayette Fox, was called the following year.

This original church was demolished in 1908 after the congregation had grown so large that a new building was needed. A new brick church, which still stands, was built in its place. However, this building was originally much different than it is today. A 1923 renovation saw the addition of a second floor and a large north end wing. In 1954 another construction project resulted in the building of a new education wing on the rear of the church.

Today the church works hard to maintain strong connections with the community through a series of ministries that are intended to care for the needy in the area.
They also host a series of social events and community dinners designed to bring the community together in the church.