Manor Memorial Methodist Church

On March 16, 1857 the Trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church in New Market purchased a 1/4th acre lot on the Valley Pike to build a new church building. This new church, finished in 1861, replaced their previous structure that dated to 1832 and was located on Lee Street. Built of wood, the building contained a large bell and tower. A new cupola, stained glass windows, and frescoes were added in 1898.

On May 23 1907 Manor Memorial, then called the New Market M.E. Methodist Church, hosted the Shenandoah County Anti-Saloon League Convention. The group passed resolutions supporting the continued exercise of the local option law that allowed areas in the county to ban the sale of alcohol and others supporting the continued enforcement of existing dry laws. Local clergy members appear to have been the major leaders of the cause and the Rev. S.P. Fogle was president during the meeting.

By 1910 the New Market Church became a regular Methodist congregation with a full time minister. 21 years later their building was completely remodeled. The exterior received a brick veneer and an educational wing was added on the rear. Financial support for this project had been provided by Annie Manor and the church was renamed Manor Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South in her honor. Additional construction occurred in 1959 when a new educational building was finished and named Farrow Hall.

In 1965 the historically black Asbury Methodist Church in New Market and Calvary Methodist Church in Mt. Jackson were merged with Manor Memorial. This was a result of a declining African American population in the area and the refusal of the Mt. Jackson Methodist Church to accept members of the black congregations. By all accounts, the transition in New Market went extremely well.



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