Waggoner Shed

This photograph shows part of the “Wagonner Shed” that was located along the Valley Turnpike (Route 11) in Edinburg Virginia.

The shed would have been used by crews operating along the Turnpike in the 19th century. These crews were responsible for moving freight coming to and from places like Alexandria and Baltimore. In the time before a railroad connection existed, they were the primary way locals got their goods to larger markets and received items from the outside world.

Wagon crews would have used this shed to rest themselves and their teams for the night when passing through Edinburg. Similar places, many times called Taverns or Ordinaries, existed in other parts of Edinburg and in other Valley towns, It would have been a place where crews could have enjoyed camaraderie, entertainment, food, and comfort while breaking from what would have been a long, arduous trip.

The shed originally stood in front of the house which is now occupied by Edinburg Truck Hobby Shop. At the time of its construction, this property was owned by Phillip Grandstaff whose children Mary and Press lived in the house that still stands on the site. Later the shed was moved to the rear of the house which now houses Edinburg Trucks Hobby Shop and no longer stands.



211 S. Main Street Edinburg VA ~ Private property, viewed from the road.