Strasburg High School

In September 1959, the Shenandoah County School Board opened three new high schools to address an increase in the student population. One of these schools was the new Strasburg High School, which combined the student bodies of Toms Brook High School and the prior Strasburg High School.

Since the school’s opening, student life has reflected the values and interests of Shenandoah County and the nation. Future Farmers of America, for example, started decades ago and continues to be a popular club for students to join. It is so popular, in fact, that it holds a prominent place on the school’s website.

While some things stay the same, other things change. The changes Strasburg High made reflected the changing times. For example, in 1964, the school fully integrated, after several years of having partial integration. When Strasburg High obtained computers and radio equipment in the 1980s, students formed a computer club and a broadcasting club to fully explore the new technology.

Changes were also found among the sports teams available to the school. What was once just a small offering for students in 1965 (specifically, football, basketball, and cheerleading), by 1999 Strasburg High included much more sports for Rams and Ramettes to participate in, including volleyball, wrestling, weightlifting, golf, soccer, and swimming.

Academically, Strasburg High has continued to provide quality education that challenges students to be not just knowledgeable, but inquisitive as well. Over the years, the school has offered Advanced Placement courses (first added in the 1987-1988 school year), training for forensic competitions, dual enrollment in partnership with Lord Fairfax Community College, ESL classes, vocational technical training, and various music and theater classes.

Though having started as an answer to an overpopulation problem, Strasburg High has grown into a close-knit community that delights in being a part of the Ram Pride family.



260 Ram Drive Strasburg, VA 22657