Hotel Strasburg

Located on the corner of Queen and Holliday Streets, the Hotel Strasburg is one of the most elegant and attractive lodging sites in Shenandoah County.
This was not the first building on this site. In 1782 Christopher Keister Jr. opened an ordinary here. How long it operated is unknown. In 1895 Dr. Mackall R. Bruin opened a hospital here in a building that is currently the Hotel’s annex. What its prior use was is undetermined.

The existing building was constructed in 1902 by Dr. Bruin and was designed to serve as a hospital. He had made an extensive amount of house calls riding on horseback and saw the need for a modern, central hospital where he could serve patients. Community leaders backed him and the Strasburg Hospital was born. At one time, a nursing school was also operated at the site to ensure there was an adequate supply of trained nurses to serve the local population.

In 1915 the hospital was closed and the building converted into a hotel. It catered to travelers and residential guests who stayed there during lengthy stays in the Valley. In the 1940s one teacher who was in the area teaching at a local elementary school stayed here and reported she paid $35 dollars a month for her room and two meals a day.

Philanthropist Leo Bernstein took an interest in the town and the hotel in the 1980s. In 1987 he completely restored the site in a supposed Victorian Style. Today the site regularly sees a parade of visitors from around the world and welcomes many to its popular restaurant, hotel rooms, and pup.