Shenandoah Valley Academy

In 1905 Charles D. Zirkle, who was on his deathbed, donated 45 acres of his property to the Virginia Conference of Seven Day Adventist to build a school. Two years later construction began on the main building of what was then the New Market Academy. The next year the school enrolled its first students and changed the name of the institution to the Shenandoah Valley Academy.

The first students would graduate from this private, college preparatory school in 1911.
By 2008 this number had grown to over 6,000 students. While most of these hail from either Virginia or Maryland, several have come from across the United States and around the globe.

Today the 450 acre campus contains a new administration building, a girl’s dorm, and a boy’s dorm. Religious, English, science, mathematics, foreign language, and social science classes are taught. The academy has, and continues to, be a major part of the New Market community and has provided education to many local residents.