St. Luke School

The first school in St. Luke was already in existence when it, and a parcel of land, was deeded to a group of school trustees in 1841 who promised to use the structure as a Union Church and School. This building was located on what is now the Lutheran and Brethren Church’s parking lot. It was used until the 1880s when the new public school system placed it with a two story, four room school on the same lot.

This building operated until 1932, when the community was able to replace the deteriorating school with a new structure. Locals donated the land, much of the materials, and labor to help build this new brick schoolhouse. It was a one story, three room building made of brick. One of the rooms was a large auditorium used for school and community events.

A School League helped support both the school and community during the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. They held regular plays, skits, recitations, and musical events at the school to help expand student’s experience and to raise funds for projects.

By 1963 the consolidated school program was in full swing and the school board voted to close the St. Luke School. However locals protested, and the vote was rescinded. The board agreed to keep the school open and to install indoor bathrooms for the first time. This decision kept the school open for three more years. It closed in 1965 and was sold to the Lutheran Church in 1967 at which time the congregation converted it into a parish hall.