St. Luke School

The first school in the St. Luke community dates to before 1841. That year the school building, and a parcel of land, was deeded to a group of school trustees who agreed to use the building and land as a Union Church and school.

This original school and lot was located between the current Lutheran and Brethren Churches and is now a parking lot. It was used until sometime in the 1880s when a new, two story, four room public school was built to replace it.

In 1932 the community saw the need to build a new school to replace what was then a deteriorating structure. Locals donated the land, many of the materials, and labor to help build a new brick school across the road from the existing building. This facility was a one story, three room building complete with a large auditorium/cafeteria used for school and community events.

A School League existed here in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. They held regular plays, skits, recitations, and musical events at the school to raise money for projects and to expand the student’s experience.

In 1963 the Shenandoah County School Board voted to close the St. Luke School. For several decades the consolidation effort had led the local school system to eliminate community schools in favor of larger, more centralized schools in the county’s towns.

However, St. Luke residents protested the school closure leading the school board to rescind their vote. They agreed to keep the school open, and with the help of the school league, install indoor bathrooms. This allowed the school to remain open until 1965 when the School Board decided again to close the school, this time for good.

In 1967 the building was sold to the St. Luke Lutheran Church who converted it into a parish hall. It remains in use in this capacity today, hosting church and community events while the school lot is utilized by local little league baseball and other sports teams.



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