St. Luke Lutheran Church

Lutheran Ministers began preaching in St. Luke in 1878 when locals formed a congregation separate from the Woodstock Lutheran Church. Their first minister, P. Miller, had a congregation of 42 who met in the Union Church and the local school.

One year after they were organized, the St. Luke Lutherans laid the cornerstone of a new church. It was dedicated in November 1879. Originally the building was made of stone with a mortar made of sand, gravel, water and lime. This was a popular building material in the area.

The church was drastically altered by two 20th century renovation projects. In 1925 the interior was remodeled and an altar, pulpit, and lectern were added. Previously many Lutherans felt these items were too ornate to be used in a church service, but later attitudes welcomed them.

In 1961 the exterior of the church was renovated and a brick veneer and narthex was added. This project was designed to replace the unstable stone/mortar mixture that had left the church building in danger.