Toms Brook School

As early as 1874 a school existed on this property in Toms Brook. That year county resident Levi Pitman noted his brother began teaching there. Five years later the school superintendent, John Grabil, recorded that the student population at Toms Brook was 90.

The school that held these pupils stood from the 1870s until 1935 when a brick school building, which still stands, was constructed. During the time the old frame school was in operation three additions were made, including one in 1906 which was designed to house the new High School program recently adopted by the county.

The 1935 school was one of many built in the county during a major modernization program. Grades 1-12 were originally housed in the school. Students attended primary school in their own communities. They then traveled to town to attend High School, Grades 8-12, if they could afford the tuition.

In 1959 the county built three new consolidated High Schools. At that time all elementary schools in the area were consolidated into the Toms Brook School.

That system lasted until the 1980s when Middle School grades 5-7 moved to Woodstock and Strasburg. Then in 1991 new additions were completed at the county’s elementary schools and Toms Brook School was closed.

It was sold to several private developers but was eventually acquired by People Inc. who converted the property into low income housing.