Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

As early as 1844 a Lutheran congregation existed in Mt. Jackson Virginia. Though they did not have their own building, they had regular meetings in the town’s Union Church.

However the Lutherans outgrew the Union Church and decided to build their own structure. On April 21, 1860 the original Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church was dedicated. It was a frame structure located across Main Street from the current church building.

On December 18, 1882 this building burned to the ground but was rebuilt in 1884. That same year Mt. Calvary appears for the first time in the official register of Lutheran Churches. It served as a part of a Parish that also contained Zion Church in Edinburg, Solomon’s Church in Forestville, and St. James Church in Hudson’s Crossroads.

In 1885 the second church building was also destroyed by fire. Afterwards congregation immediately began work on the current church building which was completed later that year.

A parish house addition was completed in 1965. By then Mt. Calvary was an independent parish and had been since 1947. The congregation continues to be a major part of life in Mt. Jackson.