Triplett High and Vocational School

On February 14, 1925 the Triplett High and Vocational School in Mt. Jackson Virginia burned to the ground.

Soon community activists, including Dr. J.I. Triplett responded and raised enough money to construct a new school on the same site. Local business leaders and community organizations raised almost $7000 for the project. Triplett donated $3200 more and the insurance dividend provided $20,000.

The new school would be completed in time for the 1925-1926 school year. It would also be named the Triplett High and Vocational School. It housed grades 1-12. In 1939 a new wing was added that contained grade school classrooms and a gym. The first cafeteria would not be added for at least another decade.

High school classes would end at Triplett in 1959 when Stonewall Jackson High School opened. Over the next two decades both the elementary grades and the vocational school would relocate to new sites. In 1992 the school closed when grades 5-7 departed.

Two years later Shenandoah County donated the school to the Mt. Jackson Fire Department who retained the 1939 addition but demolished the original portion of the school.