Mt. Jackson National Bank (Triplett Building)

In 1884 local businessman J.I. Triplett founded the Mt. National Bank with $50,000 of capital. Triplett was a well-established commercial leader who was responsible for operating several mills, electric power plants, banks and stores in Shenandoah County.

This bank was first located at 6013 Main Street and for a time was the only National Bank in Shenandoah County. However by the turn of the century it had outgrown its modest location. In 1904 Triplett built a new three story structure, known as the “Brick Building.”

The new site was at an ideal location. It was near the Post Office and along the only walkway to the depot. The Bank, a drug store, general merchandise business, law offices, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and several apartments occupied the building.

In 1933 J.I. Triplett died and the Mt. Jackson National Bank was acquired and closed by its competitor the People’s Bank which occupied the Triplett building. It operated until 1969 when it was acquired by the First Virginia Bank. This organization built a new structure in 1974 and razed the building for parking.