Arion Store

The photograph shows the Arion family on the porch of their store in Quicksburg Virginia. From left to right is an unidentified man, Worthington Arion, Catherine Arion, Bessie Arion, William Arion, and Marvin D. Arion.

This family would operate this Quicksburg during the 1920s and 1930s. Their enterprise sold plows, shoes, gasoline, dry goods, machinery and numerous other items to serve the local farming community. An oral history interview notes it was a place where “you could get anything and if you went in there and he didn’t have it, he’d find it somewhere.” Three other similar enterprises also served the community during that period.

The store also housed the community’s post office during the Republican administrations of the time period indicating William was a leader in the local party.

Today Quicksburg is still home to a post office, one of the few unincorporated communities on the county to retain that service. However, it no longer supports the same number of commercial establishments. Easier transportation, a changing economy, and population shift to larger towns meant the closure of many country stores.