Toms Brook Post Office

In 1920 Toms Brook residents gathered together to form the Bank of Toms Brook. Initially the institution had over $165,000 worth of loans, deposits, and securities.

The state of Virginia notes that in 1922, S.B. Miley was the President and J.L. Feller were the cashiers. These two families are prominent members of the local community and certainly increased their prestige by working at the bank. Most of their customers were certainly associated with the nearby Rockdale Lime Quarry or with commercial establishments that served the needs of their workers.

On April 9 1931, the Massanutten National Bank in Strasburg announced it was merging with the Bank of Toms Brook. Having been negatively affected by the Great Depression, Toms Brook’s financial institution was no longer able to operate on its own. The merger meant Massanutten acquired all of the Bank of Toms Brook’s assets, debts, buildings, and records which were moved to Strasburg. The bank building in Toms Brook was closed.

Not long after this the United States government acquired the building and moved the Toms Brook Post Office to the site.