Hisey Cobbler Shop

In 1889 Benjamin Franklin Hisey (1858-1946) constructed a cobbler shop on what is now Main Street in Edinburg Virginia.

Hisey made and sold a variety of shoes, including corrective footwear. His skill as a cobbler was regionally recognized, and in 1906 his “puzzle shoe,” designed from one piece of leather with no openings, was displayed at the St. Louis World Fair.

Benjamin’s son Sedwick Hisey (1892-1985) also worked as a cobbler, first as part of the firm with his father and then as the sole operator after his father’s death in 1946. The shop closed sometime around his 1985 death.

Mary Margaret Hisey (1850-1932), also operated a millinery store on the second floor of this structure. It was known for its variety of women’s fashion items, including hats and other items imported directly from the Port of Baltimore.

Both buildings still stand just south of the Edinburg Post Office.