Edinburg Town Hall

In November of 1903 the Town Council of Edinburg Virginia signed a contract with John Clinedinst for building a new town hall. This structure constructed on land belonging to the local Masons.

The first floor of Town Hall was built to accommodate the town's firefighting equipment and provided space for a town office. The second floor was a large auditorium that was used for the Mason's meetings, community events, and Town Council meetings.

As much as this building was the center of Municipal Government, it was also the center of civic activity. Almost all community groups at the time held their fundraisers, programs, and meetings here. This included the fire company, Civic League, and the Anti-Saloon League that held their county wide convention here on May 31, 1906. At the time Colonel E.E. Stickley was the president.

In 1942 Mrs. Beatrice Mitchell requested, and received permission, to use the town hall as a recreation center for the town's young people. For many years it remained the "teen center" where dances and other events were held.

Today the building is home to the Theater Shenandoah group which regularly holds performances here.