Zion Christian Church

On June 15, 1833 seventeen members of the community banded together to form the Zion Christian Church. Originally meetings were held at the Zion Schoolhouse once a month. New members were allowed to join, but only after a unanimous vote. This early congregation was a tight-knit group. Whenever anyone had an issue, problem, or celebration, the entire church joined it to provide support and encouragement.

The congregation voted to join the Disciples of Christ denomination on June 20, 1842. Four years later the church agreed to split into sister congregations due to the distance many members travelled to attend services. Zion continued to operate alongside a new Christian denomination in Saumsville. The two groups equally shared funds and other supplies.

A new church building was built in December 1859. This church is still used by the congregation. Thirty years later the first Sunday School was organized as communities throughout the county began to seek ways to provide Christian education to their youth.

Over time the church expanded. Classrooms, a fellowship hall, parking, siding, and a picnic shelter were added. Worship also expanded from once a month to every Sunday as ministers became more available.

Extra-curricular organizations were also formed. A Ladies Aid Society, now called Zion Disciples Women, dated to 1898. A Men’s Group, Young Women’s Circle, Missionary Club, and Youth Fellowship have also operated.